Pay it Forward

I may not have the most polished website or glossy photos …..

But I have got through burnout, I have hit rock bottom, physically, emotionally, financially and mentally.

I have learned to listen to my body , nurtured myself back to health , faced my finances , understood I was trying to fill a void that , stuff, food,status and relationships couldn’t – but most importantly to love myself.

I have studied and trained in Reiki, crystal therapies , Angel card readings, spiritual laws, nutrition and coaching.

I have turned my life around for the better by listening to my intuition, connecting with nature and realising that I can successfully adult whilst staying true to my value and say no without feeling guilty.

I’m a more mindful mother , my friendships are deeper and more authentic, I no longer feel overwhelmed and my children and I are happier as a result.

And now I chose to help other women with the same .

I share my story , thinking maybe it will help just one person feeling the same, and give them hope.

I receive messages from people thanking me for sharing my story and that I have touched them in some way.

For me it is a natural step to now offer 1:1 mentoring , to women who wish to have someone on their side, encouraging and supporting them in remembering who they are, it’s what I feel guided to do in the same way I feel guided to write.

I’ve received so much from my tribe in way of emotional and business support I’m now paying it forward by offering a set number of mentoring places each month, at no charge.

These places are for women who truly want to reconnect with themselves, who are willing to invest in themselves , do the work and sit with some short term discomfort for long term happiness and fulfillment.

Of course we would connect first to ensure we would work well together and reach the outcome for your highest good.

There is no need for you to feel so stressed, overwhelmed , guilty, tired and stuck.

If you would like to be considered, please complete this form.