Dude once again your post has hit the spot. Woke up this morning all aches and pains and down in the dumps I needed the clarification. Thank you x

Mrs B

.. one of your quotes that really hit home with the other day, when you said about your 3 non negotiables. I’d let a few things get on top of me (I’m sure it was just the pressures of the school hols, trying to run a business and a home blah blah and feeling a […]

Mrs C

Dani thank you so much for the call today. You have honestly made such a difference. You gave me the perspective and permission I needed to hear. Feeling quite emotional, excited and hopeful. You are awesome!


Good Morning I have just had the pleasure of an angel card reading with Dani, it was amazing! Dani is so easy to talk with, truly a caring and nice person. If you have not had a reading with her you need to get in on this ..