Ten things to give up to make 2018 your best year

*Doing it alone -refusing help, wearing struggle as a badge.

*Reading women’s magazines and comparing/ hating myself as a result.

*Watching the 6 o’clock news everyday because that’s what grown ups do.

*Shopping for fun and lamenting my financial status.

*Being a slave to notifications …my phone now lives permanently on do not disturb.

*Keeping things just in case ..in case What? All the shops shut and I urgently need that 80s tutu I wore to a party when I was 17?

*Only buying new , some of my favourite and most treasured items were a charity shop find. Well crafted with history and kit sat in landfill.

*Saving stuff for best ..and looking / feeling crap 90% of the time but looking amazing at my second cousins neighbours funeral. For an hour.

*Being nice at my expense ..ie people pleasing – at work (sure I’ll stay late), in relationships (I’m totally fine with no label…or commitment…or self worth) with my time ( counselling friends and family for hours even when I’m yearning for solitude..)

*Ignoring my feelings…the nagging feeling in my tummy, my gut, my intuition.

There is nothing worse than being told ‘I told you so ‘ by your reflection .


Feel good. Do you. Spread Love .

What if you didn’t push through ?

​When is  resistance not resistance ? When it’s a sign.
You know how we are always told to push through resistance ?  Override with mantras and positive thinking ? 
Yeah. That sucks. 
Thing is. If it hurt to walk on our foot we would rest it. Take a look and realise the was a MASSIVE piece of kids Lego …and remove it. 
Yet somehow, we get caught up in information overload  ..
Download an audible on ‘how I healed my foot pain’ 
Pinterest ‘positive foot pain quotes ‘
Sign up for the latest ‘ foot pain , and how to leverage’ webinar
Ignore the pain because if we acknowledge it the universe will bring more pain….
Hop on said foot , mind over matter
All the while the Lego is still in your foot . And it bloody hurts. 
What if you looked at your own foot? And saw the Lego and took it out? 
By paying attention to your foot and removing the problem. 
What if you wrote down all the things that are hurting you emotionally and spiritually?
Frustration, anxiety, anger , making you want to cry , quit, Kung fu your laptop ?
I guarantee the list will have a common thread . 
The lego, if you will. 
Here comes the science.
When you realise you don’t want the Lego in your foot you can remove it. And walk again. 
Acknowledging the pain is good. 

Acknowledging what you don’t want gives clarity on what you do want. 
And when you know what you want, then you can go get it ! 
If you want help on gaining clarity , understanding what your frustration is and how to move forward , book in for your free call here. I’d love to help you 

Mammazen Mentor

One small step

​How many things are you trying to fix right now?
How many more actions are you trying to fit in before you can relax?
How many decisions are you trying to make , goals are you trying to achieve whilst your heart beats faster and faster?
Decisions made in this state will never be for your highest good . 
Fear, panic , lack , not enough….
Simply create more scenarios for you to experience more of the same. 

You want :
‘Just’ a bit more time
‘Just’ a bit more money
‘Just’ a bit more sleep 
‘Just’ a bit more help
And when the just enough runs out?
Right back where you started. 
Your priority is to feel good now. 
Right now at this very moment. 
Forget the past, stop projecting onto the future. 
All we have us now.
Center yourself, take one step to feeling better than you do now. 
However small. 
And in that state , CHOOSE your one next action, 

Not from need, desperation or fear.

From desire. True desire .
That’s it. 
It is that simple.
Trust the process.

As within so without

​You are trying to sell your house.
Inside, the floorboards are unstable.
There are corners filled to the brim with old junk and cobwebs.
The attic is fit to burst and the lounge is lifeless. 
Despite all of the work and money you have put in, potential buyers see straight through the window and walk away.
You start to doubt whether the house is worth anything , and desperately try to convince viewers , inviting more and more, spending more and more time justifying why it’s an amazing house .
You hire the world’s best landscape artists. 
You have the house painted in gold.
Hell, you have the whole place taken brick by brick to a more luxurious location .
Your time is now spent convincing yourself the house is perfect, it just needs some more plants and maybe new curtains. 

This family home needs love from the inside , the old junk when cleaned contains precious forgotten jewels , when the windows are cleaned the view from outside is inviting and the gleam from the jewels out sparkles any gold on the house. 
With some love and attention the floorboards are strengthened and the removal of the clutter no longer weighs them down . 
The house literally breathes a sigh of relief as the chimney is cleared of blocks enabling her to breathe deeper , inhaling the fresh air and exhaling the dust and stale air that has accumulated.

You decide to take the house off the market. 
The house is perfect as it is.
Transformation from within , as within so without .
Mammazen Mentor 

Exact steps to successful business ….

​Five months ago I bit the bullet and signed up with a business coach. 
I took the group package,mainly as it was cheaper…but don’t be fooled, I got shed loads out of it.
I knew what I wanted to do, I knew who I wanted to help but I had no idea how to go about it. 
Yes I had a blog
Yes I had my qualifications 
Yes I had my story….
Hell, I even had some clients 
But could I run a business?
Cue my earth angel , fellow misfit…I’d been a long time fan/stalker. 
In under 3 months she had whipped me into shape, got me clear on my goals and values , straight talking cut the crap. 
She got me doing more in 80 days than I had done in 2 years.
Now I run a successful business, earned my investment back and then some…
I refer to the materials on the member site whenever I feel myself slipping …and I’m super psyched to be spending the day with her next month on a group intensive. 
The next round of group business coaching is starting in October and I’d love for you to join us. 

Click  here

And see how you can move from arghhhh!!!!  To aaaaaaaahhhh

Mammazen Mentor 

How to live your dreams without selling your soul .

Nine months ago I signed up to a MLM company with $60 I didn’t have.

My daughter was turning 16 and I was DETERMINED she was going to have a birthday to remember. 

This was non negotiable. Failure was not an option.

Guess what? She had a great birthday, I sold lots of products, I had happy slim healthy clients and life was OK. 

Did I enjoy selling ? 

Did I believe that pills alone were the best and only way to lose weight , and I was serving my clients in the best possible way? 


I loved speaking to women wanting to change for the better, I loved supporting their progress .

Yes it was a great product but there is so much more to achieving any goal than a quick fix….and it didn’t sit right with me. 

I found the marketing process harsh, cold,salesy and pushy. 

I found myself talking to clients about their health issues, their sleep patterns, their emotional problems.  I’d sell them a supplement and do them an angel card reading or help them reframe a situation. 

Eventually I stopped selling the supplements. 

My hobbies were blogging, reading angel cards, collecting crystals, practising reiki and studying coaching and mindset for fun. Psychology and spirituality fascinate me and devoured course after course just to follow my joy.

I loved talking to people and watching their faces light up as they realised they had the answers they were so desperately seeking , already inside. 

People started asking for readings and offering money, my blog was being read world wide and I was receiving ‘thankyou’ messages for my honesty and insight.

And so , I decided to follow my joy.

Nine months later ( A-ha my baby is born) and I am now a full time mentor , I run two facebook groups and mentor clients 1:1.

I didn’t force it , I followed my joy, what lit me up .

Now I simply share my story and my clients find me.

If something doesn’t sit right with you, it’s an indicator of what you do want. 

Listen to your gut, what do you like about the situation, what are you uncomfortable with? 

What would you prefer? What lights you up? 

That’s one of the processes I use with my clients, to get them where they want to be and it works. Try it.

If you would like me to walk you through book a discovery call. I’d be happy to help. 

Why I’ve not had ‘Fun’ in years ….a confession

When was the last time you did something for fun? Pure pleasure? No ‘point’?
We spend so much time working and planning and designing this life, it can be easy to forget the ‘enjoying’ bit.
I always have my head in a book, or I’m writing or planning a client call or on a client call….
I have to make time for fun-and even then I find I have two areas of resistance:
1.what is the point
2. What is fun ?

I remember waaaay back when. I would watch my cousins playing with playdoh, or Lego or do puzzles.  Then undo all their work and pack it away ?!
Or sit and colour in intricate patterns in a colouring book and NOT DISPLAY it.
What was the point?!
You see I always thought ‘Fun’ was exclusively restricted to the following , thanks mostly to 80’s Tom Hanks movies and Bodyform adverts :
Baking and ending up with flour on my nose.
Painting and ending up with paint on my nose.
Rollerblading in white jeans
Bungee jumping
Jumping on beds
Dancing at house parties holding plastic cups .
But I now know it’s simply doing something for the SHEER ENJOYMENT.
For me that’s spending large amounts of time in the book or stationery shop or taking photos of nature.

As my wise Mentors have reminded me frequently, it doesn’t have to look a certain way.
I was so fixated on how it was supposed to look , I missed out on all the opportunities to have fun in my own way.
Go  figure !?
Turns out I have LOADS of fun, everyday ! I just missed it looking for a preconceived idea….

Where in your life are you missing out on something because it doesnt look how it

‘should ‘ in your head ?
What do you enjoy doing ?
How do you have fun ?
I’d love to hear all about it – come and tell me in my new FB group!


How to get out of a funk without   feeling like Pollyanna

It’s not all unicorns and fairy dust in Dani’s world.
Some days (like today) , I can feel off , tired (add a chronic illness into the mix and theres pain too).
Now, I could :
1. Affirm ‘I FEEL AMAZING’ knowing full well I don’t and beat myself up for not feeling on top of the world, even though I’ve tons to be grateful for.
2.PUSH myself , to complete my to- do list ignoring my body , ignoring my desire to rest and Be not Do , and feel more tired and crap, do a bad half assed job, resent every minute of it and get lost in a woe is me resentment , pity, lethargic spiral.

3.Do 1 tiny weeny thing to feel better than I do now.  However small. 
When you are feeling a bit low, bad start to your day, hit every traffic light , late for work and Lisa from Sales bounces up to you saying something trite like ‘cheer up !’ 

How do you feel ?

Are you astounded by her wisdom and realise you immediately feel better ? 

Or do you remind yourself you wouldn’t look good in prison uniform ?

If you were told now to simply affirm ‘I feel great’. Would you? 

No. And here’s why. 

Asking yourself to leap from a relatively low state to a optimal state in one swoop can feel unachievable, unattainable, unbelievable and like you are either a massive failure or in denial. 

Is too big a leap up the emotional scale .

Imagine. Telling a sick person to just FEEL healthy  Would it work?

No. But taking a small action towards feeling less sick, brings you closer to feeling healthy. 

So in that moment when you are feeling less than you would like. Whether its the depths of despair of Just a bit MEH, The very best thing you can do for YOU  Is 1 thing to feel better than you do right now.

Laugh at a cat video (personal fave)

Sit outside 

Go for a walk 

Sit in a different room

Play music 


It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it takes you back up the emotional scale on some level. 

For further reading I highly recommend the The Amazing Power of Emotions Jerry and Esther Hicks

Me? I’m taking today of to sit in the sunshine and read my new book.

What one step can you take now, to move up the emotional scale?

New Moon, New You ?

Yesterday my news feed was full of New Moon Meditations , tips for New Moon Manifestations, rituals and intention setting. 
I hang with a cool crew of spiritual sisters  and love that each month we get to create (New Moon) and release (Full Moon) aspects of our life’s as we see fit.
Are these the only times that we are in charge? No , but I honour that these are powerful times and adhering to the  routine of nature serves me well.
Whatever the time of the month , you have the power to get clear on where you are, what you want and steps to get there. 
*Acknowledge what’s going well and express gratitude .
*Consider what’s missing or not fulfilling; How would you like it to be? That’s your intention.
* Imagine it, feel it trust that ‘This or something better’ is coming.
*Release. This can feel like the hardest bit. Let it go. Don’t try and figure out the how.
*Observe. Look out for ideas and situations that come up that can bring you closer to your goals and act upon them, it’s amazing how opportunities arise in line with your intentions when you are open. 💖

I’m a Mentor with a Mentor

Well actually 2 Mentors  and a Business coach. 

Before that I had a life coach and and energy coach. 


Because I knew I wanted something different and I didn’t know how to get it .

When I was a child I wanted to be a hairdresser. 

You go to hair dressing school and learn how to cut and colour, create a desired look on purpose and be able able to repeat it. 

I could have figured it out myself , sported some crazy looking hair cuts and winged it with the chemicals and hoped for the best.

If I managed to not damage my scalp with chemicals I may have then eventually settled with a hair cut that ‘will do’ , if you don’t look too closely and ignore that bit at the back. 

I’d have settled …and after years of trials and tribulations and spending money on my experiments and eventually paying a professional hairdresser to clean up the mess I made and and pay for hairdressing school  I’d finally realise that I could have saved a lot of time and money, stress and hassle if I’d just gone to hairdressing school to learn the basics and then attended regular training to learn new and more sophisticated techniques.

I never did go to hairdressing school and I’m not a hairdresser. 

I am a Mentor with a Mentor

I have a life and business I love , supporting others to take steps away from stress, and overwhelm  towards a life of ease they are in love with. Just like I did and am still doing. 

Which path will you take ? 

Rock some crazy hair styles ? Or go to hairdresser school ? 

Want more ease less stress? Let’s chat …