This is me!


Slightly scatty Mama , Healer, Nature baby and Minx (I do like a Tattoo).

I started this blog as a way to empty my brain when I was so burnt out I ended up in a wheelchair ….

Now it’s evolved into a mini guide to navigate your way around adulting when you were not quite ready and how to keep your sparkle when you want to crawl under the duvet.

Sometimes it’s about letting go, giving in and being gentle with yourself.

Nurture, and Nature and Feminine energy to restore YOU.

And then, when you are full and balanced, your spark naturally reignites , and shines brighter ; life feels easier and you don’t feel as rushed , stressed and overwhelmed.

You enjoy the simple things, it’s easier to make decisions and you are a nicer person to be around!

Honestly, take it from a chick who knows….

To keep it interesting , I’m trained in Reiki, Crystal and Angel therapies, certified in Law of attraction, Coach and Mentor , obsessed with nutrition, moon cycles and am raising my two babies alone.


Let’s do this!

Ps I’m no longer in a wheelchair..yay!


One thought on “Home

  1. Looking forward to reducing stress by decluttering my garage. So true that once you release what is not needed in your life the outcome is rewarding.


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